Metal Maniacs - Chunky Embossing Powder Set

  • $37.95

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Chunky mixed media powder creates dimension and texture to all your projects. Think kitchen counters or rocks for these chunky powders. Not only do these chunkies have speckles and flecks of contrasting colors, but also larger flakes for even more dimension & texture!  These embossing powders are unique blends of colored embossing powders mixed with chunkier embossing granules that allow you to achieve amazing new textures and effects in your work. 

Metal Maniacs is a chunky metallic set of 5 colors:

  • Silence is Golden -sparkly gold speckled with flecks of black, flecks of white and gold glitter
  • Tin Roof Rusted- golden rust speckled with yellow flecks, red flecks and gold glitter
  • Chip Off the Old Black- black chunky embossing powder speckled with gold and silver flecks.
  • Carefree Verdigirs- verdigris (turquoise) embossing powder speckled with black flecks and clear flakes.
  • Chrome Doesn't Pay- silver embossing powder speckled with gold and weathered chrome flecks.

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